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I do not remember a time in my life WHEN I did not draw or paint.



Redskins vs. Cowboys 1977

Superman 1977 | Koop Art

Superman 1977


Shout out to DJ Jon Doe and Eddie Meeks of Southern Vangard for allowing me to provide the illustration for this Amazing Book. The “Silver Sharpie Signed Cover Edition” will be available exclusively at koopart.com in the coming weeks.

My account of the elusive Koop's unknown contribution and instant friendship with The Super Villain MF Doom for the classic Mm.. Food album. Thanks to Riley Wallace for the interview.

Jon Doe/Southern Vangard/ATL



The Era of the 8x10 Glossy Press Photo was a great time - seeing the Artist, collecting them and of course, getting them signed. 

This is the first of two. The other is for a very special upcoming project.

These are very limited. 


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